About Us

Established in 1995, Lantau International School is like no other school in Hong Kong.

We are a private, apolitical and unaffiliated school that offers the greenest learning environment in Hong Kong. Nestled amidst the scenic splendour of South Lantau Island across three campuses in Cheung Sha (4,500sq.ft), Tong Fuk (12,000sq.ft) and Pui O (9,000sq.ft), it currently operates 9 classes from Reception Class to Primary 6 in low-rise buildings.

At L.I.S., children receive a well-rounded education of the highest academic standard that combines both classroom (in low-rise buildings only) and outdoor learning (such as P.E. classes on the beach), allowing them to flourish socially and academically.

The school boasts a unique balance between a primary education in English following the British curriculum and extensive Mandarin classes. All our teachers are native English speakers, hold graduate degrees in English in the Primary Education sector and are authorised or permitted teachers recognised by the Hong Kong Education Bureau. Our Mandarin teachers are native mainland speakers.

L.I.S. stands for Lantau International School but also the following values:

  • Learning: at L.I.S., we strive for academic excellence and provide our students with a robust education focusing on the core skills at Primary level – Literacy (listening, speaking, reading and writing), Mathematics and Science.
  • Inclusion: L.I.S. is a private, secular, apolitical and unaffiliated school. We stand for tolerance and respect, and are proud to have students from over 30 nationalities. We also take a firm stance on bullying and this may lead in extreme cases to suspension from the school.
  • Supportive: in conjunction with parents, L.I.S. does its utmost to accommodate all students’ needs where it has the competency to do so. It provides regular homework to the students and offers a range of extracurricular activities and summer camps. L.I.S. prides itself in having some of the most affordable fees of any international school in Hong Kong and provides all its student with free stationery for class

L.I.S. provides high standards of education with a student-to-teacher ratio does not exceed 24:1. This is conducive to creating a highly effective learning environment. As a result, the amount of one-to-one attention our students get from their teachers is maximised. In turn, this environment supports learning and enables teachers to teach the curriculum as efficiently as possible.

Teachers provide homework as and when appropriate. This may vary from class to class or even child to child to support, reinforce or extend learning.

Educational research shows that there is a positive correlation between the ability to read and doing well academically. Therefore, the base homework assignment provided at L.I.S is for students to daily read. This should take no more than 20-30 minutes to complete, depending on the class level.

At L.I.S., we believe that education should be affordable for everyone and that the fees should accurately reflect what the actual costs of your child’s education will be. We also believe that we are unique in Hong Kong in providing all learning material free of charge to the students. This includes all stationary, workbooks to write in as well as any textbooks and books used as learning material from the extensive libraries located in each classroom.

Our school library holds over five thousand books including three thousand in our lower primary campus and two thousand in our upper primary campus.

While all our classrooms are equipped with an interactive board (ActivBoard) and we provide every student from Primary 4 to 6 with a computer in the classroom for educational use as and when appropriate, we focus on learning through reading and writing on paper from Reception Class to Primary 3 as we believe this is the best way to develop their learning and core motor skills, awareness of the environment and memory.

We offer a range of after-school clubs during term (soccer, drama, choir, dance, cookery, basketball, etc.) as well as two Summer clubs in July and August.

All our campuses are served by school buses and public transport.

L.I.S. follows the British Curriculum
The medium of teaching is the English language
L.I.S. teachers hold post-graduates diplomas in the Primary Education sector
They are native English speakers
L.I.S. provides Mandarin classes as a second language
Mandarin teachers are native Mainland speakers
In each class the teacher has the use of an ActivBoard
Each pupil is provided with a laptop for IT lessons, internet is available on each laptop 
All classrooms have wireless Internet access
After-school clubs activities are available during term
L.I.S. offers two Summer clubs in July and August
All campuses are served by school buses and public transport

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