Online Learning

“When schools are required to be shut by government directive, (such as the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020), L.I.S. continues to provide a high standard of education.

During these periods, we provide clearly annotated weekly workpacks that can be collected at school, or delivered by staff members to different locations on Lantau. These are also be available to download from each year group’s blog (please see the link to the blog on each Class Pages on the website). Finished work can be delivered back to the school or sent by e-mail to teachers. It is then marked and returned to students.

In addition, every class at L.I.S. uses Seesaw ( Teachers use this to provide more instructional information, such as explanatory videos and additional challenges and activities related to the workpacks.

To further supplement online learning, every class also uses Zoom ( Sessions include regular lessons from the class teacher, the Mandarin and Music teachers, as well as weekly assemblies.

If the school is advised to open for half days, the morning sessions on campus focus on Literacy and Numeracy. We offer online afternoon sessions to supplement the other subjects using the platforms indicated above.”