Special Year of the Rat Offer!

Bilingual English-Mandarin Reception Class for HK$6,800/month from September 2020


Established in 1995, L.I.S. is like no other school in Hong Kong.

We are a private, apolitical and unaffiliated school that offers the greenest learning environment in Hong Kong. Nestled amidst the scenic splendour of South Lantau Island across three campuses in Cheung Sha (4,500sq.ft), Tong Fuk (12,000sq.ft) and Pui O (9,000sq.ft), L.I.S. currently operates 13 classes from Reception Class to Primary 6 in low-rise buildings.

The school boasts a unique balance between an English education following the British curriculum combined with extensive Mandarin classes.

At L.I.S., children receive a well-rounded education of the highest academic standard that combines classroom and outdoor learning, allowing them to flourish both socially and academically.

We provide a highly effective learning environment with a student-to-teacher ratio not exceeding 24:1 per class.

At L.I.S., we believe that education should be affordable for everyone and that the fees should accurately reflect what the actual costs of your child’s education will be. We are unique in Hong Kong in providing all learning material free of charge to the students.

We offer a range of after-school and summer clubs.

All our campuses are served by school buses and public transport.

Click here to watch a short video on School Life at L.I.S.

Come and join us for the Open Day at our Reception Campus in Cheung Sha Campus on 18th January 12:00-14:00pm

Please also visit us for the Open Day at our Lower Primary in Tong Fuk Campus on 13th June 12:00-14:00pm


Join us for an English education at primary level in
the greenest environment in Hong Kong

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Lantau International School


Tel: 2980 3676 (Tong Fuk Campus) / 2984 0302 (Pui O Campus & Cheung Sha Campus)
E-mail: lisadmin@lis.edu.hk

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