The Cheung Sha campus (4,500 sq/ft) is now open.


Established in 1995, LIS is like no other school in Hong Kong.

Nestled amidst the scenic splendour of South Lantau in three campuses,

Cheung Sha (4,500sq/ft) , Tong Fuk (12,000sq/ft) and Pui O (9,000sq/ft)

LIS operates 14 classes for a maximum intake of 320 pupils.

The school boasts a unique balance between a Primary English education

and the greenest environment of Hong Kong, in low rise buildings.

At LIS, children will receive a well-rounded education of the highest standard

where they will flourish both socially and academically.


LIS follows the British Curriculum

The medium of teaching is the English language

LIS teachers hold post-graduates diplomas in the Primary Education sector

They are native English speakers

LIS provides Mandarin classes as a second language

Mandarin teachers are native Mainland speakers

All classrooms at both primary campuses are now equipped with Interactive Boards

Each pupil is provided with a laptop for IT lessons

In each the teacher has the use of an ActivBoard

Internet is available on each laptop

All classrooms have wireless access

After-school clubs activities are available

LIS offers two Summer clubs in July and August

All campuses are served by school buses and public transport


Registration to LIS is done online. To register click here

To contact us click here

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